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First Commercial Bank Swift Code

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication allows an internet network to enable financial transaction among different financial institutions worldwide like banks. First Commercial Bank SWIFT code or First Commercial Bank BIC code is required to enable international financial transfer between any other banks or financial institutions in the world.

To avail SWIFT code service that is, to exchange international fund transfer or electronic fund transfer among First Commercial Bank and any other finance related institutions, First Commercial Bank must have a international financial relationship with them.

About First Commercial Bank
Full Name:First Commercial Bank
Bank Type:Private bank
Headquarters:Chicago, Illinois, USA
Official Website:
SWIFT Code:Will be added soon

First Commercial Bank

First Commercial Bank BIC Code

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Get First Commercial Bank all branches SWIFT code here. First Commercial Bank is a Private bank of Myanmar. For international transaction Business Identifier Code in short BIC code or swift code is required.

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First Commercial Bank BIC Code